President of Cannes Film Festival announces retirement plans

by Bob Deutsch

president of the cannes film festival announces retirement plansThe city of Cannes is synonymous for many with its famous film festival, which will be entering its 66th year later this month.

Movie aficionados know Cannes as the site of one of the most well known of all film festivals across the globe. For more than 60 years it has served as a host for filmmakers of various backgrounds, as well as the proving ground for those looking to earn the coveted Palme d’or award. Now, a historic moment in the history of the festival’s organization will be upon us soon, as Gilles Jacob, who has served the festival since the late 1970s (and as president since 2002), has revealed that he will be departing his position in 2015.

At 83 years old, Jacob has more than earned his retirement, and according to The Wrap he will finish out his current obligation to the festival in two years, with the administration board scheduled to discuss replacement plans and hold elections for his position at the end of next year. The information comes from an interview with French publication Nice Matin.

In addition to being a long-lasting part of the Cannes, Jacob has been instrumental in creating initiatives that have since become festival staples. Although he clearly still has some time to plan his exit, and the announcement was apparently far from unexpected, it still marks a significant event for those who make the festival a large part of their lives.

Major film events that are sure to be of interest to fans and professionals alike can serve as barometers for those who seek to create and organize similar festivals, perhaps around outdoor screens and can pattern their events on those of more renown in order to appeal to those more seasoned audiences.

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