Rome Film Festival will host latest ‘Twilight’ movie

by Bob Deutsch

Rome Film Festival will host latest 'Twilight' movie

Tomorrow will mark the first day of the seventh annual Rome Film Festival, which runs through November 17 and will play host to a great number of film screenings and industry events. At least one major upcoming blockbuster will be screened at the festival.

Reports have confirmed that the latest film in the popular “Twilight” series will dominate movie screens during the independently produced Alice Nella Citta program. “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” the final installment of that series, will be screened on November 16 as part of a day-long youth-oriented event called “The End of a Saga, The Beginning of Another.” Each film adaption in the vampire romance saga will also be screened that day leading to the premiere.

Right after the credits roll on “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” organizers will screen “Beautiful Creatures,” which itself is based on the first novel of the New York Times bestselling series “The Caster Chronicles.” “Creatures” could be the start of an entire new run of blockbuster young-adult fantasy films, IndieWire speculates. The series is yet another mystical and magical teenage romance saga.

Held in the Auditorium Parco della Musica, the Rome Film Festival will be presented in one of the city’s top arts venues. Other film events are held throughout Rome at some of the city’s most iconic locations, and the grandeur and appeal of such presentations beg the very best in event production.

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