Safe Travels: Keep your A/V Safe during Travel Season!

by Kevin Little

Film festivals near and far.

Especially during the summer months, we find ourselves traveling to assist with the biggest festivals and events in outdoor film. Sometimes that’s overseas, sometimes a few states over, and sometimes in our own “backyard”.

For July, we found ourselves running outdoor and indoor film events all across the United States. Travel is always to be expected, and when we pack our heavy tech, our ATA rated travel cases are always up for the challenge. Transporting loads of heavy, fragile equipment is no small task – heavy speakers and projectors can’t bounce around haphazardly without a risk of damage. Adequate padding, construction and locking mechanisms are a must… And that’s what you get when you buy from us.

This past week, we found ourselves once again helping out with tech for the Traverse City Film Festival. We were thrilled to keep this exciting, diverse festival running smoothly from the technical side!

There are plenty of warm and sunny days left ahead for this season ahead, and we hope to see you out there!

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