South Korean film festival is biggest in Asia and features outdoor events

by Bob Deutsch

The Busan International Film Festival in South Korea runs from Oct. 3-12. It has outdoor events that would be enhanced by Outdoor Movies' services.

The Busan International Film Festival in Busan, South Korea has become one of the most important film festivals in Asia — and one of the most important movie events in the Asian film industry as a whole.

The festival, which runs from Oct. 3-12, has several distinguishing features that have allowed it to rise in prominence over much older and established film festivals. Last year, the event drew more than 200,000 visitors, and this year it’s expected to reach the same or even more patrons.

The Busan festival has found its place among big-hitting festivals like Cannes, Berlin and Venice by being a non-competitive movie festival, according to The Washington Post.

Additionally, it’s known for discovering new talent in Asia. Busan not only screens films by novice filmmakers, but it also creates a platform for newcomers to the industry to meet veterans, investors, and sales officials with events like the Asian Project Market and Asian Film Academy.

One feature of the Busan festival is its unique Outdoor Greeting Event, which “allows the audience to exchange and share ideas with guests.” An AIRSCREEN from Outdoor Movies would be a perfect addition to such a large-scale event that has a beach-side ambience. A screen would enhance the outdoor nature of many of the festival’s glamorous soirees, run by the cultured and experienced professionals at Outdoor Movies.

The festival operates on an $11.6 million budget, with the city government being the primary source of funding, with help from corporate sponsors.

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