SXSW films to look for in the near future

by Bob Deutsch

SXSW films to look for in the near futureThe South by Southwest film portion is coming to an end.

Technically, the film festival at South by Southwest will continue until Sunday, March 17, but there are still a number of movies that have already been shown that movie reviewers and attendees are excited about. One article in Time Magazine describes which films to be on the lookout for after the festival comes to an end.

One movie mentioned was “Cheap Thrills,” the first to get a distribution deal from SXSW this year. The film is a comedy directed by E.L. Katz about “down-on-his-luck dad offered financial security by a wealthy couple, in exchange for completing a series of twisted dares.”

“Trance,” another movie likely to get good reviews is directed by “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Trainspotting” director Danny Boyle. There’s been debate about the movie, which, based on Boyle’s past two movies is expected to be particularly impressive, but may have given a little too much away in the preview. Boyle explained that the exact ending is still unknown, but again, we will see.

Finally, a remake of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” is also a must-see, by The Avengers director Joss Whedon. The black and white film is classified as a romantic comedy, but, as Time explains, “The director told The Hollywood Reporter that he sees the material as ‘a deconstruction of the romantic comedy that it is inventing.'”

Though South by Southwest is a relatively well-known film festival, it still remains behind other major festivals like Palm Springs and Sundance, especially since SXSW has other events in addition to movies. But the festival has had some winners – including the huge hit “Bridesmaids,” – and may continue to earn more in the future. For other film festivals like SXSW looking to increase their attendance, using outdoor movie screens can add a different way of showing films, as well as accommodate large numbers of viewers. By branching out in terms of venues, film festivals can create unique and fun screenings to make their mark in the festival industry.

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