Theme nights attract viewers

by Bob Deutsch

movie night theme partyIt seems as if there is a new fad almost every week. We’ve survived through parachute pants, mullets and denim jumpsuits, but how does all of this relate to outdoor movies?

There are not only clothing and hairstyle fads. Our society tends to create obsessions with certain types of movies as well. Most recently, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of zombie and vampire movies coming to the big screen. Why not capitalize off of these trends with a theme night at your next outdoor movie event?

Now, theme nights don’t necessarily need to be based of a fad. You could pick a certain genre of movie or a specific actor or actress. Our customers at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, TX are the best in the game when it comes to theme nights. They put on themed events on a regular basis, such as Terror Tuesday, Girlie Night, Music Monday and Tough Guy Cinema.

The trick is to encourage your viewers to get really into character at your outdoor movie event. Think giveaways, souvenirs, decorations and costumes. A Harry Potter themed film festival could encourage the audience to dress in their Hogwarts best, while they enjoy butter beer and free magic wands. A Disney event could feature a faux Disney Castle and children in their favorite character’s costume. This is really an opportunity to get creative!

Whether you’re taking advantage of the latest trend or showing a blast from the past, a theme night can attract more viewers and bring excitement to your next outdoor movie event. Outdoor Movies can provide you with your outdoor movie equipment and event management, just contact us today!

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