With foreign films, outdoor movies can recreate scenes

by Bob Deutsch

A festival in India is including an outdoor movie section to show French films.A festival in India is including an outdoor movie section to show French films.

When viewing a film from outside your usual environment, it can be tricky to truly understand what type of place the director or actors are in, or where the movie was being shot. To help solve this issue, a section of a film festival in India is showing French films using outdoor movies.

The festival is called “Bonjour India,” and is a four-month-long event featuring movies, art exhibits and dance shows in India celebrating the relationship between French and Indian cultures. The events are put on by the Institut Français en Inde, the French Embassy in India, the Alliance Française India network and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. This year is the second edition of Bonjour India, the first being in 2009.

Of the events, one will feature outdoor movies. An “Evening with Short Films” which began showing in February, features 15 different French short films on an outdoor movie screen in different cities in India. The screenings will continue until the end of March. The movies, most of which are less than 30 minutes, will be both animated and live action .

One of the reasons behind bringing an outdoor movie screen to the event is to imitate the Parisian setting many have. “There’s something about watching a movie in the open air, outside the stuffy confines of a closed theater, that lets your mind respond to the cinematic experience in a free, candid and hearty way,” an article in the Pune Mirror read, adding that “This short film night is an attempt to recreate the summer-time open air cinema screenings of Paris.”

Others can also use this same idea when showing movies, especially foreign films. For those with a warm or outdoor setting, outdoor movie screens can help bring the movie to life.

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