You can use your screens to celebrate major film revivals

by Bob Deutsch

you-can-use-your-screens-to-celebrate-major-film-revivalsOld films sometimes become new again, and this could be a factor in the type of movie you select to screen at a certain film festival.

This blog has spoken many times before about how a film festival can play in to Hollywood trends by offering “themed” screening selections, corresponding to films both old and new. Sometimes, though, an old film is new, and whatever you put on your event’s large movie screens can reflect this.

Take, for instance, the news of a recent discovery of a lost early Orson Welles project. Perhaps your immediate community has a high rate of arts patrons familiar with Welles who would support an evening dedicated to the rest of his films, like “Citizen Kane” and “The Magnificent Ambersons.” But if no one in your area knows who Welles is, it can be a completely different opportunity to expand on the man’s work and educate others to his legacy.

Stored in Welles’ villa in Spain originally, the film was recently rediscovered in a warehouse in Pordenone, Italy. The New York Times reports that thanks to the National Film Preservation Foundation, this movie will be restored, transferred, screened, and perhaps even hosted online in October.

And another thing that inflatable screens or other large film display apparatuses can offer viewers is a unique closeup look at some of these movies, different from the presentation they would get either at home or in a smaller venue.

However, this is only one way that portable screens can be used to help others gain an appreciation for the past. It always helps to think outside the box and imagine those that might respond well to these kinds of cinematic experiences.

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