A few thoughts about subtitles

by Bob Deutsch

Outdoor Movie Events in Other Countries Draw Questions about Subtitles

Can everyone at your screening event enjoy what their seeing? If not, there are particular aspects of exhibiting films on large movie screens you can take advantage of.

When your task is to stage a film festival on large movie screens big enough to be seen by a wide number of people, you should consider all the variables that might affect performance. One such detail might be whether or not there will be subtitles displayed with your movie, which may be desirable for several reasons.

The most obvious would be if you were to show a film in another language than the one dominantly spoken by your target audience. Though it’s usually made obvious when a certain film is going to be subtitled, some speakers might not know this in advance, so implementing this feature is a good way to “cover your bases” and make sure no one in attendance is left out of the action on screen. You might not realize that this was the case until long after the event has concluded.

Another factor is the presence of outdoor noise that might drown out the natural sound of the film. While inflatable screens can be put into action without generating any additional distracting sounds, there’s no telling what outside forces might arise that could suddenly make your movie more difficult to understand. If you know that you’ll be displaying in the center of a busy public place, or near an airport, for example, you can make this choice in advance and keep all audience members happy.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to keep the success of your event as the utmost goal. Some screenings will certainly not require subtitling, but those that do should choose screens that can make everything onscreen stand out.

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