Adjust your volume properly for an outdoor event

by Bob Deutsch

AIRSCREEN gives users the option to decide what volume works best for a given area.Everyone will have different preferences for volume level, but AIRSCREEN gives users the option to decide what works best for a given area.

Every screening audience is different, and if you’re a promoter or organizer setting up an event with a broad appeal, chances are the crowd that arrives will consist of eager viewers from various age groups with different expectations of the festival in question. One issue that all organizers will need to contend with is what level of volume they think is appropriate for their event.

As you might imagine, there are as many solutions to this problem as there are reasons for people to gather in the first place. If the screen is being worked into a graduation, concert or other live ceremony and used to magnify things that are happening on a stage in real time, then the sound system can be calibrated to project and reach the wide number of people that have come together, especially if the location is broad, wide, and conducive to sound.

However, for more intimate gatherings, perhaps involving an inflatable screen suspended on a pool, the same high volume level might be inappropriate. The important thing is that, no matter what kind of large movie screens are put into use, the people running the show have the most control. With an Aeropro package, a high-quality sound and speaker system (with QSC K10 Speakers) can make realizing the ideal presentation easy.

Fortunately, these kinds of screens can be adapted into situations that suit the mood, tone, and physical limitations of a space, and that includes the way sound is projected and carried. Consider and AIRSCREEN package not just for the assurance visual quality, but for the greater impact you’ll be able to create.

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