Ang Lee says he’s a ‘newcomer’ at 3D

by Bob Deutsch

improvement in depth perception after viewing movies in 3DSoon, 3D movies may be the norm.

The technology used in movies has changed dramatically in the past few years, and will continue to do so in the future. Reports have found that 3D movies may soon not require audience members to wear glasses, and better and more affordable equipment has helped more filmmakers create better quality movies. But even some experts are still getting used to the new innovations, including award-winning director Ang Lee.

Lee may have won an Oscar for Best Director for his 3D film “Life of Pi,” but that doesn’t mean he is completely comfortable with the format. The film was his first in 3D, and, as he told Screen Daily, he still feels like he, and other directors, have a lot to learn.

“For over 100 years, the viewer’s eyes compensate the lack of volume in 2D, so we actually see 3D in a 2D media,” Lee said. “When you pick up something that actually has volume I think the whole rules of the game should be gradually changed.”

He also explained that 3D can be associated not just with action films, but simply to make the movie seem more real – dramas can benefit just as much from the medium.

Soon, this may be the case, as more directors and filmmakers explore using 3D films instead of 2D and use it for a wider variety of movies as well. Combined with more directors using 3D films and the fact that moviegoers may not need to wear the traditional glasses , 3D films may become the norm.

Additionally, since movie ticket sales have been increasing in the past few years, movie theater owners and organizers of outdoor movie events may also see an increase in activity, adding to the already large growth of the film industry.

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