As technology develops, making movies is easier 

by Bob Deutsch

As technology develops, making movies is easier

With recent news that movie spending has been on the rise with no signs of stopping in the next few years, it is unsurprising that the number of film festivals and movie makers have also been increasing. In a recent article, one British filmmaker explained what has changed within technology that has allowed him the ability to make films easier than ever.

In the Times Columnist, Gareth Edwards explained that with so much technology, even low-budget films can be made well and compete with more well-known directors and producers. Edward’s first-feature film “Monsters” was created with a $15,000 budget, with two laptops and “shot in Mexico in three weeks with a five-person crew using off-the-shelf equipment and featuring creative computer-generated effects.” Regardless, the film earned Edwards a British Academy of Television and Film award for his special effects as well as a job directing a new Godzilla film that will be released next year.

Edwards told the news source that he was inspired to create Monsters after winning first prize in a 48-hour filmmaking contest, where contestants were required to make a film with no crew members and only one actor. With so much recent technological innovations, film crews may continue to become smaller and smaller and more movies may rely on special effects.

He also encourages aspiring filmmakers to start working now, especially since competition is greater now that it is easier to make films.

“It’s best to get the bad one out of the way as soon as possible, so you can learn from it and do the good film next,” he told the news source. “With digital technology, there’s no real reason to delay things these days.”

With both the quality and number of films increasing, anyone involved in the movie industry may be looking for additional ways to screen films and appeal to larger audiences. For some movie theaters, investing in outdoor movie screens can help accommodate large volumes of audience members, as well as offer a different experience in movie watching.


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