Emphasizing clarity over gimmickry with inflatable screens

by Bob Deutsch

HD images can be just as enjoyable in outdoor settings as indoor with the right setup.
Outdoor movie screens can offer customers a worthwhile experience without unnecessary add-ons.

Debate exists as to the staying power of 3D as a major component of the moviegoing experience. While it seems to be an omnipresent part of major multiplex films at the moment, there’s a sense that standards are changing, with newer formats and higher resolutions being mentioned. Concerns about clarity can be allayed if committees and party arrangers pursue an inflatable screen large enough for any outdoor event, whether it’s a film viewing, concert or a presentation intended to reach a maximum amount of attendees. This can be a way to cut straight to the point and offer an experience that’s clear and engaging, instead of simply trumpeting the names of new technology to get users’ attention through novelty.

On the heels of 3D comes 4DX, an internationally utilized allegedly coming to the U.S. that implements different tactics to create immersion, including the use of fog machines and other items that descend from the ceiling. As Flavorwire noted, while such technology has its place, its proliferation uncannily brings to mind the gimmickry of old horror B-movies, perhaps good for a laugh or memorable in its silliness. Outdoor viewings can give a straightforward screening with a minimum of distractions and superficial features (alternately, it can also allow organizers to arrange for their own live interruptions, should they be so inclined).

Outdoor screenings can be a useful addition to an existing event or a means for one on its own. No matter how such a screen is used, employers can avoid the need for expensive add-ons by offering a simple and easy-to-understand setup.

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