Enhance your event with pre-show activities

by Bob Deutsch

crowd at vendor boothsSometimes the draw of a gigantic inflatable screen  for an outdoor movie night is not enough to get your event to the level you want.

Think about it. When you go to the movies in a regular theater, you often buy popcorn, candy and a drink. Maybe you arrive a bit early and walk around or play some arcade games. How can you persuade your guests to come early and get excited for your event?

We like to think our event, Comcast Film Festival Benefitting NIH Charities, is a perfect example of how to enhance a regular old outdoor movie event. Each night, the movie starts around 8:30pm, but at 5pm, the fun really begins.

We have food vendors selling everything from crab cakes and barbeque, to ice cream and crepes. Event sponsors are on-site with booths promoting their organizations. Some have free giveaways. Some have interactive games.

Regardless of what they bring to the table, they all have one thing in common: EXCITEMENT. Sometimes your events need more than just an outdoor movie to get going. Engage your audience at your next event with exciting pre-show activities to bring in the crowd.

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