Get a better idea of your scope with an inflatable screen

by Bob Deutsch

AIRSCREEN whisper floating in a poolUsing your inflatable screens in different settings could be a way to find out different things about it.

Sometimes, despite all the best plans and visions of designers, you just can’t know for sure until you see it. This can be true about all sorts of aspects of life, but it can hold especially true for inflatable screens. If you’ve never used one before, there are things you may notice the first time that you did not expect. This isn’t necessarily a bad occurrence, though.

For example, if you’re employing a “Whisper” AIRSCREEN that can be used on water, and you’re doing so at night, you might see a reflection or glare that you didn’t anticipate, depending on the light levels of your surroundings and the type of venue you’ve booked for your event. Put that in the back of your mind and use it when planning for next year.

Or, on a more optimistic note, you might realize that a certain sound setup works really well for the area you’ve scouted out, and that you didn’t need any additional support. That sort of realization can not only be useful in planning, it can save you money.

Inflatable screens are especially customizable, flexible enough to fit within your plans and at the same time, durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. Organizers should definitely have a plan in action, but also be willing to improvise as their event draws closer and they finally receive the materials they will be working with. The right type of screen may even help you think of new ideas the more you use it, and lead to better events for all involved.

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