How to arrange concessions and other extras at your festival

by Bob Deutsch

Popcorn vendors at the 2011 Traverse City Film Festival

Commonly enjoyed food items, especially in the summer, should be dispensed in a way that doesn’t obstruct viewing experiences when it comes to outdoor festivals.

In any filmgoing event, the movie screens are the center stage. Quality, scope and durability should all be maximized so as the audience has the best view, no matter where they’re seated. However, you may have additional attractions on display aside from what’s on screen, in order to tide over your audience. We are mainly referring here to concessions: food, water and other necessities.

Smaller festivals might not have to deal with this, and depending on how much space you have to work with, it might not be an issue. If your inflatable screen is set up on a long stretch of beach, for example, or a wide field, you can place these stands far enough away from the action so they will not interfere with the possible enjoyment of other attendees and lessen the impact of your event.

Sometimes, of course, the busy feel can be inevitable, perhaps even desirable. If your screen is erected on a field with a larger complex or campus that features stores and vendors, then it can all blend together into one cohesive bustling scene with a charm of its own.

However you arrange these sorts of amenities, you should be able to trust that the experience generated by your movie screen will carry. This you certainly can do with the visual and auditory equipment offered in a complete package, and just as these different things come together for an enhanced quality, so can your movie display and additional on-site vendors come together for a more total experience.

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