Ice skating rink to incorporate outdoor movie screen

by Bob Deutsch

AIRSCREEN Classic on an ice rink in Kentucky

When officials from the Chicago Cubs announced last year that outdoor movie screens may be used with Wrigley Field’s renovation, it showed that outdoor movie screens can be used among many different venues and industries. A local town is also using this idea, with plans to have an outdoor movie screen at the local recreation center to bring together all interests of the community.

According to the Woodbury Patch, plans for the expansion of the Bielenberg Sports Center in Woodbury, Minnesota, include a two-story lobby that would be used to project outdoor movies, as well as a fire pit and outdoor pleasure skating rink. The current center includes two indoor ice rinks that are used for hockey games and skating lessons. and a field house for community sports.

Officials at the expansion project explained that the population for the area has doubled in the past two decades, and an expanded and renovated sports complex is needed to keep up with the growing use. Not only does this example point out how to adapt for more uses of the center, but how to accommodate for different interests as well. The complex recently gained attention for its plan to build the state’s largest playground for children of all abilities, including those in wheelchairs or on crutches. The playground will be built as a part of the expansion project.

With outdoor movie screens included in the renovation plans, the town of Woodbury will be able to offer multiple forms of entertainment throughout the year, beyond what the area is currently used for. Woodbury isn’t the only city to use outdoor movie screens to bring together community members – Indianapolis’ “Pop-up Outdoor Cinema” and Boulder’s Outdoor Cinema have also seen the advantages. As more cities look into similar initiatives, the use of outdoor movie screens may be grow more widespread.

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