What to do with your inflatable screen in the winter

by Bob Deutsch

inflatable movie screen at opening of ice rink

So you’ve bought your inflatable movie screen from Outdoor Movies, and gotten great use of it during the summer months. Now its 30 degrees outside, and there is a foot of snow on the ground. What can you do to get the most out of your screen in the winter months? There are several options.

Birds fly south for the winter, so why can’t you? Lets say you live in Michigan or New York, like many of our partners and clients. Why not create an event in Florida in January? You’ll get more use of your inflatable movie screen, while also getting a nice break from the freezing weather up North.

The best part about an AIRSCREEN from Outdoor Movies is that they can go anywhere, even inside. Move your event indoors when it’s too cold for your viewers to enjoy an outdoor movie night. Our friends at the Borscht Film Festival in Miami have extremely successful indoor venues.

Another option is to embrace the cold and have your outdoor event anyways! Bryant Park in New York has one of our inflatable movie screens, and uses it at their outdoor ice rink in the winter. Your viewers may be hesitant to brave the cold, but when they come, they’ll get an outdoor movie experience like no other.

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