Introducing the New iSERIES Ultimate Control Console

by Kevin Little

Video media technology has evolved at a healthy pace over the last 30 years. From VCR to DVD, to the short-lived HD DVD and ever-popular Blu-ray Disc – these leaps in technology prioritized usability, picture quality and incrementally larger data storage. The most current advances in video media are streaming services and media servers — large data files loaded on a solid state drive to be placed in a playlist of your choosing. With access to most films being accessible via streaming or easy download over the internet, there’s little doubt that the future of cinema lies in this technology.

One of Outdoor Movies’ most intuitive media consoles is called the iSERIES – a control console that utilizes a MacBook Air for media storage, streaming, video and audio control. While great for many progressive film festivals and tech-forward businesses, the lack of Blu-ray Disc or DVD drive is less than ideal for most smaller screenings, or businesses with limited technical resources.

As a solution, Outdoor Movies is now offering a control console what we call the iSERIES Ultimate. Combining the best hardware for advanced media control with time-tested Blu-ray Disc and DVD, this playback powerhouse grants the ultimate control over how you display (and source) your outdoor movies.


ATA-rated rackmount case: The console is brilliantly enclosed in an Air Transport Association rated travel case. Comes with an extending handle and wheels for true travel convenience.

Expert rack mounting and pre-wired cables: Proper labelling and assembly right out of the box. Ensures that your iSERIES Ultimate will arrive with clear indications of how to integrate the console into your environment!

Two media sources: choose between the 13” MacBook Air or Blu-ray Disc player (with DVD playback functionality.) Both options feature a user-friendly interface.

All-in-one control solution: like all of our other consoles, your event audio and video is completely in your control within this box. No need to lug around multiple racks of mixing equipment – everything stays together.

What’s in the box?

  • 13″ MacBook Air
  • High-definition HDMI video switcher
  • Rack-mounted Blu-ray Disc player
  • Rack mounted 6-channel pro audio mixer
  • Rack mounted power conditioner with slide-out work lamps
  • High quality wired microphone w/ Comprehensive Touring Series XLR cable

For the full rundown, you can check out the full product listing.

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