Know the rules beforehand when booking an inflatable screen

by Bob Deutsch

Outdoor Movie Screen at Dusk with Excited AudienceHit the books before your big screening in order to make sure it goes over best.

Everything depends upon the specifics of any given event when considering which kind of inflatable screens to select for your use. Different areas of the country will have their own rules, and your organization can arm itself with some knowledge beforehand to make the experience go even smoother. However, a knowledgeable support team can also aid with this kind of preparation.

General common sense can be applied to the use of an inflatable screen, no matter the size: make sure it is well-secured and positioned properly so as to display the image of whatever film or other visual presentation you wish to show. But each particular location will come with its own requirements, and it can help to read up on these before the event begins to make things easier for everyone.

For example, using this kind of screen in a courtyard or enclosed public area could require the knowledge of certain codes and ordinances in the event of an emergency. And as this blog has touched upon before, wind can be a major issue, so if the screen is set up on a hill, near power lines, or in other places where it might cause havoc, local event planners can check with officials or law enforcement to ensure everything is on the up-and-up.

On the whole, an AIRSCREEN can be a pleasing solution to almost any kind of publicly screened event, but organizers can take some of the responsibility on themselves to perform research before the fact. The more prepared you are, the quicker the setup will be.

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