New AIRSCREEN® product release

by Bob Deutsch

AIRSCREEN releases AIRSCREEN NanoBigger is not always better!

Take phones or computers; who wants to carry around those big old things from the 80’s?  Our partners over at AIRSCREEN® in Germany feel the same way. They just announced a new line of inflatable movie screens, the AIRSCREEN® Nano.

The AIRSCREEN Nano provides the same level of professionalism as our other outdoor movie screens, but is more portable than ever.  This not-so-tiny screen surface is 10 feet wide by 5.6 feet tall, and weighs in at just 44 pounds.  Remember the screen and frame are not the same, so leave enough space for the 11.5 foot wide by 9.5 foot tall inflatable frame at your next outdoor movie event.

We think it would be a perfect fit for your backyard parties and sporting events. Maybe tune into the Winter Olympics and watch your country take home the Gold?  Buy one while they’re hot and have it in time for the World Cup this summer. Or, we are sure old Aunt Jane wants to put those embarrassing home videos up on the screen at the next family reunion.

Businesses could use the AIRSCREEN Nano for company parties or outdoor training sessions.  Outdoor Movies works heavily with National Parks Services in several countries.  Hold an outdoor wilderness survival class, fully equipped with an instructional video on your new AIRSCREEN Nano. The possibilities are endless when you can pack up and go in as little as 60 seconds.

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