The screen and the frame: Not completely the same

by Bob Deutsch

It shouldn't be a headache to understand the relationship between screen and inflatable frame.
It shouldn’t be a headache to understand the relationship between screen and inflatable frame.

Laymen and those who don’t have much experience installing and using inflatable screens might hear the word “screen” and think of the whole package: both the surface they’re projecting an image onto and the apparatus that keeps it up. While these two pieces are intimately related, they represent different aspects of the same process and it’s important to understand what factors come into play regarding each.

For starters, the size of the screen your festival or event requires may influence the amount of people and resources you need to get it up and running. Attaching the screen to its frame isn’t necessarily a difficult process, but it does require the right tools, workers and understanding, just like any assembly project.

Another thing you need to remember is how the screen is secured to the frame itself. Once again, the instructional video demonstrates how to tie these two objects together securely before the inflation stage even begins: you don’t want the surface to come loose at an inopportune time. Arranging the deflated AIRSCREEN system so that there are no creases or awkward wrinkles in the surface once it is fully “pumped up” can be another way to take the best care of it as you go about the process.

There’s no shame in being new to the particularities of an inflatable screen, and it can certainly be daunting to be confronted with all the different pieces of a screening kit, especially when you’ve never seen it before. But informative services, customer support lines and easy-to-use tools should reduce any setup anxiety you may have.

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