New and improved projectors

by Bob Deutsch

christie lwu505 lcd-projectorWhile inflatable movie screens are our claim to fame, Outdoor Movies has a vast supply of projection solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. We have long been dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality and most reliable products on the market, but this time we have taken a step further.

We’d like to introduce our newest additions to the Projectors section of our website. This update includes our full lineup of high definition outdoor movie projectors, as well as the selection of Digital Cinema projectors available for permanent installation indoors.

The newest high definition projectors allow for increased customization of our outdoor movie screen packages. Upgrades or more economical options are more attainable than ever before. The additional high definition outdoor movie projectors include:

While the high definition projectors offer increased flexibility with our outdoor theater systems, the addition of Digital Cinema projectors to our sale items is a whole new concept. Outdoor Movies is the only company in the world with DCI-compliant machines available for rent. As a Christie Digital Systems authorized dealer, we are able to permanently install and provide support for any of these projectors:

We know this is a lot to soak in! So many projectors to choose from, how can you possibly decide? Contact us with questions about our newest additions.

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