New guidelines could result in shorter movie trailers

by Bob Deutsch

New guidelines could result in shorter movie trailersThose who feel alienated by the amount of trailers usually played in mainstream cinemas may take heart in a recent proposal to reduce trailer length by thirty seconds.

The moviegoing experience, indoor or out, has often stemmed from various elements, and for some watching trailers on large movie screens is still as big of a part of attending a movie as the movie itself. News from The Hollywood Reporter suggests that some guidelines being pondered by the National Association of Theater Owners might soon change the way movies are marketed — including the length of these previews.

Currently, the MPAA requires all trailers to be shorter than 150 seconds in length, but according to the Reporter article, these new rules would prevent trailers from exceeding two minutes, a significant difference when one considers the amount of trailers usually shown back to back before a single film begins.

Though no individuals or specific studios are mentioned by name in the article, it is made clear that this proposal is a contentious one for the industry, even though these would not be mandated laws and would be up to the operators of specific theaters to follow. Also, there would most likely be exceptions allowed, just as the occasional big summer blockbuster is granted a longer trailer currently.

While this will most likely be a discussion that continues on, those utilizing outdoor screens for special gatherings can take this as a way to distinguish themselves, no matter what the final decision is. The lack of interruptions and commercials that a film viewing liberated from the traditional theater setting has can help make for a more attractive and enjoyable experience, whatever the audience’s view toward trailers may be. Companies wishing to create their own screenings are encouraged to stay informed of the policies that might influence theater owners and their patrons.

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