Oldest American drive-in goes digital

by Bob Deutsch

drive-in movie eventIt’s no secret that at Outdoor Movies, we love a good drive-in movie theater!

We do a summer drive-in series in Fairfax, Virginia, and our 17th Annual Comcast Outdoor Film Festival Benefitting NIH Charities was a huge success with its first-ever drive-in style.

Outdoor Movies has been helping Americans bring the drive-in back to their cities for years, but for the city of Orefield, Pennsylvania, the drive-in never left. This year marks the 81st year of operation for Shankweiler’s Drive-In Theatre, but just the first year with digital cinema projection. This historic drive-in was the second ever built in the United States in 1934, and is the oldest of its kind still going strong.

Paul F. Geissinger, owner of Shankweiler’s, called the switch, “comparable to switching from analog to high-definition television.” Maybe that’s why so many theaters and large film festivals are making the switch to DCP. Do analog televisions even exist anymore? We didn’t think so.

The industry is seeing a greater demand for DCI compliant equipment, and Outdoor Movies can meet this requirement. Our Christie digital cinema projectors are the highest quality in the market, and can put your next movie event at an unprecedented level.

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