Outdoor Movie Event Prep: Get Ready for 2019!

by Kevin Little

With each passing year, cinema technology continues to impress and evolve. At Outdoor Movies, we see more and more requests for the latest in technology… and while not every business or event calls for the most cutting-edge tech, it is undoubtedly one of the most highly-considered aspects of our business.

There are a few things, however, that you should think about when forecasting your budget for the new year:

Event scaling

Obtaining hard-earned success for an outdoor cinema event is no easy task. Do you see yourself taking that event and growing it to a larger audience?

There’s a lot to consider, and if you’re forecasting growth, increasing your screen size should be one of your first considerations. Adequate display size for viewing the screen is arguably more important than even the most crisp and clear audio, and our AIRSCREEN technology is the best in the business.

See our full range of sizes (along with audience size recommendations) and attention to quality we offer here.

Projection, resolution and DCP equipment

Aside from considerations of a potentially larger (or smaller) screen, resolution and throw distance contribute to the overall quality of the picture. Standard HD, 2k and 4k projectors are becoming more of a technological standard, so don’t be afraid of researching your options. Coordinate with your crew and filmmakers to optimize the perfect viewing experience.

We offer much detailed breakdowns of each projector in our projection catalog. To get a more upscale advantage, be sure to look at our 4k offerings.

Evolving media sources

Perhaps one of the most obvious advances in the film industry! Film reels, VCR, DVD, Blu-ray Disc… And swiftly becoming the gold standard, digital storage / media servers. We’ve worked in every media playback source you can think of, but the focus has certainly shifted! Our experts are at your disposal to assist you in transitioning to newer mediums — like the iSeries control console.

Check your inventory

If you live in the cold states, your screen has likely been stored away for a few months now! We recommend taking inventory at the immediate end of your film screening season, but understand that things get misplaced over time.

To help with this, we offer parts and accessories for those easy-to-misplace items. And always remember that proper storage of your AIRSCREEN and accessories can keep them in working order for years to come. (Often we hear of customers with inflatable frames lasting upwards of 10 years or more!)

Be sure to check back throughout the year for more of our takes on the latest industry standards.

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