Outdoor Movie Package Series: Projectors

by Kevin Little

Last week in the blog, we covered the four console offerings we have at Outdoor Movies – these systems that allow you to control the audio and video elements of your event through one box. Today, we’re going to explore the projectors as part of our ongoing packages series.

Unlike consoles, it is not recommended that you mix and match with projectors — it’s an informed decision you’ll need to make based on screen dimensions. We bundle packages to match a projector to the screen size it will best accommodate. There are a few factors that play into this, for example:

Resolution – the standard is 1920 x 1080(HD). The projector will need to be strong enough to project onto a certain screen size. Should you need a 4k resolution, we do offer these – but not in our typical package bundles.

Lumens – this determines the brightness of the projected video. Brighter isn’t always better, but it plays a very significant role outdoors. With an Outdoor Movies package, the projector is proven to synchronize well with the screen size.

Lamp Life – this represents how long you can expect the internal lamp technology of each projector to last. At anywhere from 2,000-3,500 hours and beyond for some models, you can expect to see plenty of high-quality use!

You can see the full specs for any projector by clicking through our projector catalog.

Outdoor Movie Projector Packages

As seen on our Packages overview page.

If you happen to already own a larger screen that extends beyond our max sizes, we do offer projectors up to 35,000 lumens and state-of-the-art DCI compliant Digital Cinema  Projectors. These are real powerhouses that best suit a large screen and more long-term, heavy use. While not part of the typical package plans, they are worth looking into if you if your project requires perfect cinema-quality display and a larger display surface than 40ft.

Our projectors are sourced from Christie and Optoma, two trusted industry leaders whose projectors work perfectly for what we specialize in – outdoor movies. Remember to wait until sundown for the best possible movie viewing experience, otherwise your projector will be trying to out-shine the sun… And losing!


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