Outdoor movies particularly popular in southern regions

by Bob Deutsch

A town in florida is beginning their outdoor movie series on the beachA town in Florida is beginning their outdoor movie series, screening films on the beach.

Now that the climate is warming up in most of the U.S., many residents of the southern region are taking advantage of the spring weather before it becomes too hot. Florida, for example, is hosting outdoor movies in the spring months, as well as live entertainment and other outdoor activities.

According to a Seaside, Florida press release, the town will be continuing its outdoor movie and theater series at the Seaside Amphitheatre and Seaside Beach for members of the community, children included. Movies, including “Singing in the Rain” and “Casablanca”, will be screened on Fridays and Wednesdays, and began this March.

But in addition to outdoor screens, the town will offer other forms of entertainment as well. The Seaside Repertory Theater will be hosting weekly shows for kids, teaching improv, storytelling and acting skills. During the year, the theater is known by adults as “a local hotspot featuring a number of plays, performances, and musicals throughout the season.”

The series will also offer live music to guests. The Spring Music Series will begin this April, with bands performing at a local waterfront restaurant and rooftop bar, beginning with folk singer Mary Gauthier.

This example, though taking place in the northern Florida region, is one of many that has shown how outdoor movies can bring communities together. In this case, local music and theater groups are coming together to entertain the residents of Seaside, but other regions, especially now that we’re approaching the summer time, can use this as well. As we explained earlier this month, the New Orleans Film Festival is offering a similar program at the New Orleans Museum of Art, both coming together to screen outdoor movies in the sculpture garden. With some creativity, any community can offer the same.

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