Outdoor screens ideal for summer festivals

by Bob Deutsch

Outdoor movie screen at the James Dean Drive-In in Indiana

The pleasant weather of the summer may bring with it numerous chances to stage screening events with outdoor screens.

As we approach the summer months, it seems to be the perfect time to consider the use of inflatable screens to draw in a large number of spectators. With the warmer weather comes the opportunity for organizers of various outdoor events to take advantage of calmer climes, including graduations, weddings, large scale celebrations and holidays like the Fourth of July. And that’s not even including all of the different film festivals that occur at this time of year anyway, a great chance for anyone looking to employ the advantages of outdoor movie screens.

Companies can use these screens for summer retreats or celebrations, screening important presentations or hosting movie nights to boost morale. A holiday or themed festival series can use the portability of these screens to host the film festival in a setting that makes sense. For example, green or environmentally minded organizations can bring the movies into a park or conservation area, while colleges can open up shop right on the front lawn of a campus. It’s also a time of year that naturally lends itself to time on boats in harbors or on rivers, which means that inflatable screens could also be used in conjunction with a cruise or other similarly styled event.

Choosing an outdoor screen can be a means of staying relevant and establishing that a company or festival organizer is aware of current conditions and willing to approach customers on a level that they will most likely appreciate and be open to receive.

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