Scottish horror movie festival splattering movie screens April 25

by Bob Deutsch

Scottish horror movie festival splattering movie screens April 25Dead by Dawn takes its name from “Evil Dead II,” one of the several horror films that will be gracing its movie screens this year.

Film events that cast a wide net and feature a broad range of titles are a great way to appeal to different types of audiences, but genre-based festivals have also grown over the years. A case in point is the horror movie festival Dead By Dawn, which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from April 25 to 28 and showcase entries in its particular field from around the world and through the years.

It’s actually something of a milestone for this event, as this will be marking its 20th year. There will be short films, independent features making their debut, and short story readings, as well as an event in which attendees attempt to give away the least beloved movies in their personal collections.

The festival will close out that Sunday by showing, among other things, two 1980s horror classics: “An American Werewolf in London” and “Evil Dead II,” the film whose subtitle gives the gathering its name.

Event director Adele Hartley told STV Edinburgh that despite the niche, the real focus of Dead By Dawn is simply on effective, high-quality movies.

“It is more about films with a story, you don’t need the gore and the element of being drenched in red stuff,” she said. “I believe the best horror is those films which are smart enough to make you scare yourself.”

Whether or not such an event is your particular cup of tea, the long-lasting nature of this festival can be a testament to the kind of event organizers can put together and make last. Those interested in adding variety to such a screening can consider outdoor movie screens as an alternative to typical event protocol and a means of increasing the bond felt by genre fans in such settings.

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