Selecting overlooked films for possible summer screenings

by Bob Deutsch

Selecting overlooked for Film FestivalsNathan Fillion will be appearing in Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” one of many alternatives to typical summer fare organizers might consider projecting on outdoor screens.

In our current studio system, the summer is the prime testing ground for big-budget, blockbuster movies, as each year you can find a new string of films that eager moviegoers are scampering to see on large movie screens. Recently, this has turned into an opportunity for remakes, adaptations, sequels and much-trumpeted entries in beloved franchises, but it can still be difficult for event planners to pin on the best movies for such a viewing. Chances are everyone is aware of the so-called “tentpole films” for 2013, like “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Man of Steel” and “Pacific Rim.” However, there are other works that should be kept in mind as alternatives, especially if one is looking to create a unique experience for a certain festival or corporate gathering.

This blog has previously mentioned Joss Whedon’s adaptation of “Much Ado About Nothing” and the coming-of-age comedy “The Kings of Summer,” both of which seem to be prime selections for a crowd more interested in independent fare. Other high-profile names in these circles include Richard Linklater’s “Before Midnight,” the third in a series of two-hander films begun with his classic “Before Sunrise,” and Neil Jordan’s vampire story, “Byzantium” coming at the end of June.

And though it might not qualify as “indie” or “overlooked,” there’s the chance that Edgar Wright’s latest collaboration with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, “World’s End,” might get lost in the shuffle of post-apocalyptic films (there’s also another comedy about the end of the world, “It’s A Disaster,” starring America Ferrera and David Cross).

These are all options to consider for a possible event, particularly one that incorporates large outdoor screens. Different groups have different tastes, and these titles could be a refreshing change of pace from the rest of the summer splash for a certain audience.

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