The Switch To Blu-ray Disc

by Bob Deutsch

blu ray vs dvdEvery little component of your outdoor movie screen package has been carefully thought out, down to each individual nut and bolt. We have made countless decisions about which products to use, all with you, the customer, in mind. In the ever-changing world of outdoor cinema, that’s just the way it has to be.

Which is why we’ve made the switch from DVD players to Blu-ray Disc players in all of the necessary outdoor movie theater packages. In fact, our only package type that doesn’t include a Blu-ray Disc player, uses an iMac instead – pretty cool! It seems like just yesterday that we were all rushing to get a hot new DVD player, and now they’re old news.

Now this isn’t to completely discredit the DVD player you may have at your house. Though, to be honest, we aren’t really sure why you haven’t made the switch. DVDs are technically HD compatible, key word “technically.” Most people recognize 1080p resolution as standard high definition. However, many do not know that 720p can also be considered HD.

But why not go for the extra 260 pixels? This is the minimum difference between the resolution in your Blu-ray Disc and DVD players. Often times, the difference is greater. In short, DVDs could technically be considered HD, but if you were to show a movie with 720p resolution at your next event, your audience probably wouldn’t be too impressed.

And that’s what we strive for at Outdoor Movies. We sell gigantic movie screens that wow audiences, so we need the most awe-inspiring picture quality to go along with it. Trust us for the most up-to-date technology that leaves your competitors in the dust.

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