Venice Film Festival revamps lineup and judges in preparation for August

by Bob Deutsch

Venice Film Festival revamps lineup and judges in preparation for August

Oftentimes, when major film festival organizers prepare for their annual event, they may make a few changes that might require them to adjust theaters, or even invest in outdoor movie screens. This can be especially true for those planning major festivals, which often attract attendees from all the over world who want to see stars in-person and view screenings of yet-to-be released films.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Venice Biennale – an art festival that oversees the Venice Film Festival – has added jury members to its film section and will even “revamp” certain sections of the acclaimed and star-studded film festival.

The organization’s board, headed by Paolo Baratta, voted in favor of increasing the number of voting judges by two in every category. In addition, the festival has a “Horizons” category, which focuses on innovation in cinematic techniques, and the board voted to increase the number of awards given in the classification. The new categories will be the Horizon’s Award for Best Director and for Innovative Content.

During last year’s festival most awards were given to Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master,” which created a controversy as it was unable to win the Golden Lion for Best Film because it won too many, reports the Hollywood Reporter. “Pieta,” by Kim Ki-duk, was given the award instead.

As the festival organizers gear up for its 70th showing in late August, organizers may need to invest in high-quality outdoor movie screens to provide the additional screenings that may be needed with more awards and judges. Furthermore, the late Italian summer conditions can provide excellent background scenery to the images being portrayed on the outdoor screens in the foreground.

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