Water no problem for inflatable outdoor screens

by Bob Deutsch

Inflatable outdoor movie screen floating in a poolSituating inflatable screens over water can be a fun and atmospheric way to structure an event.

A variety of events can require the use of large movie screens to best register with all those in attendance, and these can occur in many different settings. While a summer heat wave isn’t the only reason a major outing, celebration or group event might come together around some sort of body of water, it can be a time when such ideas are out circulating in the air, so to speak, and seem especially appealing. Whether it’s a swimming pool or a small tidal area off of a beach, an outdoor screen can provide that extra bit of presentation by being situated directly on the water itself.

The reasons one might want this sort of setup can vary: perhaps a certain swimming area is conveniently located so that the entirety of a gathering might situate itself around it privately in order to enforce a sense of community. Conversely, outdoor screens on a public coastal spot can be an attractive way of opening an event up to invite others. In either example, the light effects of shifting waves can lend a unique visual quirk to the proceedings and help make these situations that much more memorable.

In addition to these qualities, it can help to have a screen that doesn’t require too much additional equipment or the constant, distracting blowing of air to keep things inflated. To take full advantage of the outdoors, a screen that can be best incorporated into the environment might be a far more seamless means of welcoming in the summer, no matter the nature of the event.

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