West Virginia State University set to kick off student film festival

by Bob Deutsch

West Virginia State University set to kick off student film festival

Tom Hooper, Oscar-winning director of “The King’s Speech”, received a standing ovation in New York City after his debut screening of “Les Miserables”, his latest film slated to be released nationwide in December. According to the Huffington Post, the audience for the premier included many members of the guilds that will, most likely, end up casting votes for the Oscars.

Although the theatre showing the highly-anticipated Hollywood film was most likely a high-end cinema, aspiring filmmakers a few states South of New York will be putting their creations to the test during the 2012 West Virginia State University Student Film and Video Festival, which will screen over 20 films.

“I am very pleased to see so many students take part in our artistic experiment, expressing themselves creatively in many different ways,” Film Festival Coordinator Sam Holdren told the Daily Mail.

The festival is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, November 28 and, with so many entrants, may benefit from the use of outdoor movie screens. As many festivals will break up its screenings throughout the festival, placing themes on each night may help attract more attendees and create a more efficient festival. In addition, each film will be evaluated and granted awards by a panel of judges.

But, by premiering the award-winning entrees on one night, festival organizers can allow for more viewers for these highly-regarded films by using an outdoor movie screen, which can bring together the entire campus.

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