Where to place your stakes

by Bob Deutsch

stake placementYou’ve bought your inflatable movie screen or theater system, and now you’re ready to test it out.  The first step is choosing the perfect spot to set up you’re screen.  The next step is deciding the most efficient way to secure it.

Proper anchor points are instrumental to the durability of your screen and safety of anyone who may come in to contact with it.  Whether it be the people setting up the screen or you’re audience members, misplaced stakes or ballasts can be incredibly dangerous.

To secure your AIRSCREEN inflatable movie screen, you will need four ground anchor points.  We prefer to use stakes whenever possible, but sometimes your site may not allow them.  Ballasts may be used when you are showing a movie on National Park Service property, for example, which do not allow holes in the ground.

The two anchor points behind the screen are most effective when placed perpendicular to the inflatable movie screen.  You will have straps attached to this point from both the top and bottom of the screen. The two anchor points in front of the screen are a bit trickier.  The optimal position for these stakes or ballasts is perpendicular as well, but what about your audience?  If you secure your AIRSCREEN at a 90-degree angle in the front, you will cut out a significant portion of viewing area.  We suggest placing these at a 45-degree angle.  That way, you can maximize seating while safely securing your inflatable movie screen to the ground.

Using this general guideline will greatly decrease your chances of injuries and screen issues.  However, with screens larger than 40’ wide, more intensive securing is necessary.  Lucky for you, you have us at Outdoor Movies to run the event with these larger screens.  You’ll be able to sit back and relax, while we do all the hard work.  Call us today to book your next event with our gigantic screens up to 100’ wide.

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