Whistler Film Festival expanding each year

by Bob Deutsch

Whistler Outdoor Film Festival expanding each year

While Whistler, British Columbia may be more widely known as the setting of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Whistler Film Festival is quickly becoming another major attraction to the Canadian city other than its stunning mountain landscapes.

In fact, the festival just wrapped up one of its most successful showings to date, bringing in a range of Canadian talent as well as major Los Angeles names.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Whistler festival saw star-studded attendees, such as Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter series), Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation”) and Melissa Rosenberg (“Twilight”). But, despite such shining stars from Los Angeles, the film festival was able to maintain a heavy Canadian influence.

“It really feels like Whistler is a festival on the verge of blossoming,” David Mortin, a local director featured in the festival, told the Reporter. “It feels like a good festival to attach oneself to. There’s a lot more international attention. There’s a lot more of Canadian focus.”

While the Toronto Film Festival – a festival with its amount of A-list celebrities rivaled only by Cannes and Sundance – still cordoned off screen time for local filmmakers, this part of the festival is often treated like a separate entity. Instead, the Whistler festival puts much more of a spotlight on local talent. Highlighting the Canadian-made entries was “Mad Ship”, directed by Mortin, who opted out of entering the Toronto Film Festival for the smaller Whistler festival. Mortin also told the source that he felt as though it was the right decision.

With the festival growing every year and an increasing amount of Hollywood stars making appearances, organizers may need to find ways to supply for increased attendance. By investing in outdoor movie screens, event planners can create intimate outdoor features, which can take advantage of the mountainous region’s world-renowned and Olympic caliber scenery.

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