Your screen size can grow as your event does

by Bob Deutsch

30' 17' Inflatable Outdoor Movie ScreenThe right movie screen size for you might only become apparent once your series has had a screening or two, and you can build on that knowledge for future events.

Are you thinking of planning a film festival, or maybe just a movie screening series where folks can drop in for some casual big-screen viewing? There’s a chance you might start small on your first run and then realize, once preparing for next year, that you’re expecting far more guests to attend. A film equipment company that can meet your projection needs and provide large movie screens once you graduate from smaller models can save you the trouble of having to find somebody new just for that purpose.

After all, you could learn quite a lot from the inaugural staging of your movie screening. Maybe you have lots of people show up, many more than you expected. Or perhaps the AIRSCREEN you picked from the catalog would be better suited to a different venue. Even if you think you need to step it down a notch with a smaller screen instead, that can be accommodated. In any case, you benefit from contracting a supplier with which you can form a working relationship that develops as your series does.

If you’re planning just a one-time event, you can also keep different models in mind and ask your provider for examples from their history about what might be most appropriate for you.

You might think that a certain inflatable screen is right for your event now, but there’s a big difference between what you expect and what you discover on the night of the event. When you have a good experience with a vendor one year, you can plan on prolonging and developing it as your festival’s needs change.

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