A repair kit will save your inflatable screen and the costs of replacement

by Bob Deutsch

when things go awry, it is always wise to have a repair kit just in caseDon’t fret about possible damage to your inflatable screens when repair solutions are included with your rental package.

Life is full of surprises, and not all of them happy ones.

When you book an inflatable screen for your event display, chances are you have a perfect picture in your mind of how things will unfold, and that picture does not include punctures, holes, or other screen damage. But as durable as these screens can be, the opportunity for disaster to arise is always there and it’s foolish to pretend otherwise.

However, this is not to say you’ll be on your own when something bad happens. The nice thing about an inflatable screen package is that it comes with a patch kit that will allow you to tend to holes quickly. This can be a huge benefit that helps you save both time and money: imagine all the lost days or even weeks you might otherwise spend waiting for the right replacement material to be shipped. Having it on hand to treat your AIRSCREEN should help you rest at ease.

This should be all the more reason for your planning to think big in terms of possible event locations. A relatively secluded location or one near the woods needn’t be a hazard. And if you’re unfamiliar with the patch application process, customer support lines can help talk you through the repair process.

In short, a little puncture is nothing to be afraid of. Your inflatable screen may not be invincible—don’t go throwing it off any cliffs to test it out—but it should help to know you have all the tools at your disposal to pull yourself out of a jam.

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