Alamo Drafthouse to incorporate outdoor movies to cinema

by Bob Deutsch

alamo drafthouse to incorporate outdoor movies to cinema

For most people, the idea of an outdoor movie screen is typically associated with fundraisers or organized events, using outdoor movies as a form of entertainment. Recently, though, movie theaters and film festivals have been utilizing this form of screening movies in addition to their indoor theaters. With an outdoor screening, theater owners can accommodate a large volume of people, take advantage of the warm weather and screen films in appropriate settings beyond a movie theater.

One cinema in particular that is taking advantage of this is the Alamo Drafthouse, a chain that is opening a new theater in Houston, Texas, as a part of a redevelopment project. As explained in the Houston Chronicle, the new project downtown will include apartments, a shopping center, the theater and park. Part of the new plaza has already begun construction, and the theater will be built later this year. Since a park and the theater are included in the project, it made sense to team up with Outdoor Movies to include an AIRSCREEN to screen outdoor movies.

“Since Alamo Drafthouse is the premier theater operator, we thought we should collaborate with them on programming the outdoor movies,” James Linsley, developer of the new site, told the news source.

The Drafthouse is no stranger to outdoor movies. Once, the company showed “Jaws” on a lake to viewers on floats and inter tubes, and employees swam underneath, grabbing audience members’ ankles for extra effects.

Alamo Drafthouse is also known for its unusual movie screenings, including sing-a-longs to musicals and music videos, and quote-a-longs to cult classics. With outdoor movies, the company will be able to expand its options even more.

Other theaters can also use this idea, screening films in unique or relevant areas, giving audience members a time they won’t soon forget.

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