An AIRSCREEN can be both light and durable

by Bob Deutsch

You do not have to worry about your outdoor movie screen weighing you downThere’s no need to worry about an AIRSCREEN weighing you down too much.

There are some compromises we can be prepared to make, but others we shouldn’t have to. Just because you’d like access to large movie screens that don’t break anybody’s back doesn’t mean you should be prepared for something flimsy. Think of projecting a film on a small white bedsheet: it’s light, certainly, but what happens if there’s a strong breeze?

You can look at the situation from the other angle, as well, a durable screen that doesn’t display well or takes forever to inflate. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find a solution that bridges these two commonly confronted issues, and the AIRSCREEN models we offer fall right in the middle of that Venn diagram in a way that doesn’t sell either of those features short.

Obviously, the specifics of what you encounter when you rent an outdoor screen will depend based on your requests and the features that you’ve sought out. But the Aeropro line can help you secure a steadfast setup with a clear area for visibility. These types of screens are able to inflate while retaining a strong shape and protection against the elements: as our site says, the skin is “hard like an inner tube.” And that holds true no matter what size you pick.

During the planing stages of a major entertainment event, these particular elements of screen construction need not bother you too much. Large movie screens should be portable enough to be transported and established at a display site easily, so you can think of these items as weather-resistant and ready to place.

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