Consider a raised platform for an extra boost to your AIRSCREEN

by Bob Deutsch

Raising a screen on another stage could be a good option for certain environments.Raising a screen on another stage could be a good option for certain environments..

As previously stated, the height of your screen is a big factor in both the type of event and audience you plan to have as well as the venue where you will be setting up your AIRSCREEN. If there’s a quirk in the location you’ve chosen that you need to work around then you might want to consider setting up an elevated platform or stage for your screen to raise it up.

Although these screens are customizable and come in huge sizes for larger venues, a combination of size and a riser might be best for you.

It might be the difference between a screen that’s too big for your quaint indoor venue or wooded area and an experience that’s best for all attendees. If elevating a small screen is more to your advantage and not out of the realm of possibility, then it could be the best option, especially if you’re concerned about viewers sitting in what are sometimes affectionately called the “cheap seats,” way in the back.

This could also allow your planning board and constituents a chance to access the specific advantages of smaller inflatable screens, like the ultra-quiet “Whisper,” in a way that makes sense for you.

When it comes to AIRSCREEN, it’s all about finding the most workable situations for you, and this can be through means that are at hand. Creative use of both your environment and the tools that portable display solutions can provide may be the winning equation to get to the best end result that you want.

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