Do you know the shelf life of your movie screen?

by Bob Deutsch

AIRSCREEN outdoor movie screen inflation process underway

Time always takes its toll, but the way a large outdoor screen is treated can lead to increased longevity.

The nice thing about portable large movie screens is the potential to use them over and over again. If an event is successful, an organizer or planning board can use the screens for future showings. As a screen gets more usage, planners can begin anticipating the kind of venues and audiences they can appeal to, either to create a new event or try something different every year.

However, if customers are looking to get the most from their screens, they should make sure they store their screens correctly. Different types of screens will have different shelf lives, but an AIRSCREEN can function for a long time depending on how it’s handled. So, what’s a good rule of thumb for an inflatable screen shelf life?

As our FAQ says, three years is a nice ballpark for the screen itself. But it can’t be overstated how important it is to keep screens properly compressed and stored away from moths and other hazards that could limit this amount of time even more. In some situations, a screen could last as long as nine years.

Every piece of equipment has its own individual shelf life, and it’s necessary to understand how exposure to the elements will impact your large movie screens in the long run. This is partly why checking in with specialists who know this equipment and this business can be helpful. Common sense can also be useful: if a screen looks to too dirty or worn out, it may be time to replace it. When that time comes, you can turn to the same trusted providers who lent you the first screen.

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