Drive-in movie theater will have vintage cars as seats

by Bob Deutsch

Drive-in movie theater will have vintage cars as seats

For most movie theaters, there are few options for altering seating or other amenities without renovating the building. Drive-in movie theaters, on the other hand, are often able to be more flexible with their features without the building restraints. One Australian restaurant in particular is taking this to the next level by screening outdoor moviesusing vintage cars as seats to give their viewers the full effect of a 1950s themed drive-in theater.

According to the Daily Telegraph, The White House, a cafe in Hahndorf, South Australia, will use cars from as early at the 1900s as seats for their drive-in outdoor movie screening. The cars will be used for “theme nights,” not permanent fixtures for old movies, and have been donated by vintage car enthusiasts.

“I love anything old,” Anthony Bennett, who donated a 1924 Model T Ford to the theater, told the news source. “Lots of classic-car clubs make outings to the [permanent drive-in theater] Wallis drive-in at Gepps Cross – it’s great to see them all there at once, I really hope they keep it (the drive-in) going.”

The movies during the “classic film nights” will include American Graffiti, Goldfinger, The French Connectionand Casino Royale, and will take place from January 18 to February 8.

As with many other outdoor movies, guests will also be able to bring their own seats and blankets to watch the films, and The White House will also sell food and drinks, even including a lighting system to bring items to guests during the screening. Other theaters can also adopt this idea, using different settings or even seating ideas alongside the theme of the movie. And depending on the success of The White House’s theme nights, vintage movies may see a comeback.

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