Los Angeles outdoor movie location looking for new space

by Bob Deutsch

Los Angeles outdoor movie location looking for new spaceAn outdoor movie theater in L.A. has been forced to relocate.

In Los Angeles, California, movies have remained a highlight of the city for years, in the home of Hollywood and film executives. But one outdoor movie theater is forced to relocate because the place the inflatable screen is typically set up has been purchased to be turned into apartments.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Electric Dusk Drive-In has made its home on top of a parking garage in downtown Los Angeles for the past five years. The “makeshift drive-in” includes the screen, parking spaces and artificial grass for viewers to enjoy the films. The theater rents the space from Standard Parking, which, until recently, owned the two-story garage.

Electric and Standard now has until the middle of April to find a new location.

“Before we’re kind of hung high and dry, we have to start looking for a new space,” said Eric Heusinger, who co-runs the Electric Dusk Drive-in. A screening is scheduled for the end of April, and he told the news source he hopes to find a new location by then so as not to disrupt the schedule, which goes until August. The two founders were notified of the news? this month.

“It’s a really cool location,” he said about the current space of the Electric Dusk Drive-in. “It really has beautiful views of downtown because there are no tall buildings right around us, so you see a lot of the skyline.”

Because the screen is portable – unlike a traditional drive-in theater – Heusinger said he hopes to relocate to a park or other open space in the city. While finding that your business must find a new home within a number of weeks isn’t an ideal situation, having an inflatable screen means one less issue that needs to be solved.

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