New technologies pushing movie industry to new heights

by Bob Deutsch

New technologies pushing movie industry to new heights

A number of recent innovations have allowed the film industry to grow in the past year – the possibility of glasses-less 3D movie screenings, the ending of 35 mm film to encourage theaters to go all-digital and, most recently a push from mobile phone applications to help theaters sell tickets more easily. Combined with the growth in consumer spending on movies in the past year, professionals in the film industry, including indoor or outdoor movie systems, may see a jump in growth.

The Los Angeles Times announced this week that the newest Apple mobile phone software will allow users to order tickets through Fandango with Siri. Fandango found that mobile sales increased by 171 percent in 2012 since the previous year, and now represents almost a third of all sales.

“With this new Siri feature, movie fans can quickly and easily discover the nearest theaters, find the most convenient showtimes, and buy tickets through Fandango to help make movie night perfect,” Paul Yanover, the president of Fandango said.

Other new mobile applications have also been helping moviegoers keep up with new films, potentially further increasing sales. Lifehacker described “Movie Crone” which notifies users when a film is coming out. Movie buffs can customize when they want to be reminded – two weeks before or the day of – so they can get advanced tickets or otherwise make plans. Notifications are sent via text or email.

With so many new ways to get the word out about a new screening or film, theaters may be finding themselves with more customers. As we saw recently, some Australian theaters have been combining the outdoor and indoor experience by using outdoor movie screens to provide films for movie goers on their “Rooftop Cinemas.” With so many new viewers, theaters may be encouraged to get creative to support the growth.

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