Storing your projector correctly

by Bob Deutsch

it's important to store your projector properly for prolonged useYour projector can be reused with just the right amount of care and attention to detail.

Just like the components that make up the AIRSCREEN unit and its frame, you will need to take good care of your projection systems if you’re intending on extensive use over the years. Fortunately, the requirements for this are fairly simple and shouldn’t tax even the newest of newcomers to this level of screening too much.

A major factor in this proper storage is something that should factor in the storage of anything, which is keeping dust, decay and the other factors that might derive from it away from the projector itself. What makes this difficult is that projectors are composed of several different parts, which may require different kinds of care. For example, the lens may need you to obtain a special brush or cleaning cloth to administer to it. Whatever approach you take should be done gently, so as not to break any delicate parts.

The FAQ on this very site describes another piece new users of screens might overlook, which is the projector’s air filter.

“During outdoor use, the projector’s filter protects the internal components from dirt and dust,” it reads. “If the filter is dirty, it restricts airflow. Restricted airflow causes decreased bulb life, overheating and reduced performance. So remove the filter. Most are made from foam rubber and easily cleaned with water and then dried. Some need to be replaced.”

While it can be tough to know exactly when a piece is ready to be discarded, the proper knowledge will most likely come to you as you get to know the ins and outs of the screen projection process more intimately.

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